The Ever Calling Door

May 20, 2011
By Anonymous

A young teenage girl is haunted by a door continuously.
The door started as a small inviting whisper that would call to her every day.
The call was to come, turn the handle, and release the door.
The girl would wish to proceed through the door in front of her, but her conscience would not allow it.
She would step back from the door and allow herself to resist it for another day.
Soon, though, the door is calling her to come and step through its doorway again.
The urge is building inside of her.
The door wishes to make her problems go away, the girl realizes deep inside.
Her hand touches the warm, inviting, door knob.
However, she still cannot go through with it.
Her parents and friends urge her daily to step away from the door, but the invitation by the door is almost too much.
With help from those closest to her, the girl is able to step away from the door; safe and sound.
The girl wakes up, looks into the mirror, and there is the door; once again the door is staring back at her.
The door looks so inviting, seems to give her a way out of the pain she feels on a daily basis.
It is wrong, she tells herself.
But soon the temptation is too much and she must give in.
She slowly wills herself to turn the knob, letting the door do the rest.
The door swing wildly, out of control, and the girl realizes what she has done to herself.
Quickly composing herself, the girl slams the door shut, not fully understanding what has been done.
Try as she might, the door keeps calling her back and although she tries to resist the calling, the once whisper has become a constant screaming in her ear.
She feels as though she must answer the door’s calls and soon she does.
The wait has been too long since she had her last taste of what the door brings.
With the door, she no longer feels the pain she once did.
The door soon consumes her life and she cannot stop the havoc the door has brought.
The only wish she has now is that she had not answered the door that first time.

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