I don’t want it to end

May 20, 2011
By dejavoo13579 PLATINUM, Charlotte, North Carolina
dejavoo13579 PLATINUM, Charlotte, North Carolina
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I don’t want it to end.
It feels like we’ve just started to begin.
Together we’ve grown so much.
But this is getting too hot to touch.
Were running fast
Ignoring the ditch up ahead
And it’s the thought of the end that I most dread.
I love you so much
But we gotta let go
Maybe we can pick up later on down the road.
The memories and good times are sweet in my mind.
I don’t want them to leave, they feel good inside.
Your washes away my anger like a cleansing shower
Remember the times we chatted past the midnight hour?
Your kindness and care
Caresses me and kisses my hair
You break down my walls
You catch me when I fall
Like beyonce says you accept me flaws and all
You know I have issues
I know you have some too
But at the end of the day your still my boo
So we gotta hit pause for now
And hope to play later
But you’ll always have a dent in my heart like a crater
But we can still rewind in our mind
What we had and shared
Until the time comes when we can have fun without the drama to bear
I’m gonna miss you but it’s for the best.
But I’ll never forget the guy different from the rest
Despite contrary belief I feel I’ve been blessed
With a guy like you
Who loves me too who I’d give my life for
Who I call my boo
Things are going to get rough but if I could
I’d take all the blame from you
I’m sorry

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