Cloud Nine 1

May 20, 2011
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No need to be rude, I’m in such a good mood.
You can fix up a problem, but never put away the tools.
Kids my age think smoking is cool,
I get high without smoke like I’m floating on a balloon.
In the long run I will be the one living, and they will die soon.

Take a deep breath, inhale the air,
Don’t do too much or your lungs might fail.
I’m so alive in my own state of mind,
time is on line but I just ignore it
why be sad when your still alive?
things come and go, get buried and rise.
up down like a roller coaster,
I offer you my happiness come right over.

What are your worries?
School, parents, relationships.
Hold my hand taste the bliss,
No need to front just wait for it.
I Wake up happy no need slit my wrist,
Every time you see me I stay positive,
Always ready to learn I’m so cognitive
Point me to where the knowledge is,
Since 5 I’ve been looking for colleges.
people want to take away your smile they’re derogative,
Stick to your roots don’t corrupt like politics.
We make up we break up,
People hate us by the way we were raised up.
But we don’t care
We have something to share,
Come with me to a world with no despair.
To a world where everyone knows the peace sign,
where everyone is happy and dreams never die,
this special place I like to call cloud nine.

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