Lone Wolf

May 20, 2011
There is a Loneliness inside
My Heart
There it dwells, set apart
It is the Lone Wolf of
My Emotion
Doesn't like to move around
or create commotion
Don't know quite where this feeling got its start
It pitter patters about
Running through my veins
heading for my heart
Feels worse than a hangover
from crack, heroin or even cocaine
Don't know why i don't just
give up and give in
Settle down
Let just anyone in
Maybe I'm too stubborn
Stuck in between
or as Stevie Nicks says
on the edge of 17
all i know is
I've waited this long
The loneliness will die
There is no need
to throw a fit and cry
all will be right
all will be well
one day i just know ill find some guy who is just real swell.

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