Elemental Rainbow

May 20, 2011
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She doesn't know it,
But she's my best friend.
When I tell her,
She denies it an tells me I'm lying.
She's always there for me,
And I can trust her with anything.
She's funny,
Some of the stupidest inside jokes belong to us.
We are the only two people in my "Teacher Appreciation Week" group,
But seem to have the most fun.
We have our differences,
But who doesn't?
We fight and argue,
But not badly.
We never take each other seriously,
I mean it when I say never.
I'm the nerd and she's the freak.
With no boyfriends and nothing to stop us,
We do anything and everything.
Well, almost anything and everything.
We are only middle schoolers,
Already middle schoolers.
It just depends in how you look at that glass of chocolate milk.
I can't wait to experience so much more with her.
Ginger Wannabe.

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