Blame Game

May 19, 2011
By brianaebon9320 BRONZE, Locust Grove, Georgia
brianaebon9320 BRONZE, Locust Grove, Georgia
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Let's play the blame game
choose your pawn
find your place
sort your money & lets begin this race
roll the dice
kiss them for luck
& pray to heaven you don't mess up
you land a six
you stop on a card slot & you take your pick
It's a lie card, so what do you do?
Now its time to follow through
you choose your poison & when it happened
But to me you say it never happened
So its my fault, for trusting you
I played the game
so now we're through
I guess I lost
I didn't realize the cost
My money and my spot
went straight to jail without passing go
So now my heart is in a prison & I can't make bail
We played the game, what a shame
Now the only question now is who's to blame?

The author's comments:
A friend of mine was dating someone when the young man decided to start dating someone else behind her back. She was hurt by the news and she blamed herself. So I was inspired through her pain to write this because there is always the question of who is really to blame for break-ups. Is it the person who did wrong or the other for loving them?

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