May 19, 2011
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Come away with me
To the moon
Where we can watch
Those who live in anger

Out here in openness
Too much fighting thrives
Sadness lingers heavily in air
I become suffocated

Oh simplicity
Where have you gone?
Days of laughing
No cries of longing

Days of summer
Have been long gone
They faded away
Along with you

They disappeared
With my innocence
Taken by a careless man
That I still love

At night I pray
To start again
With the one
I once knew

Youthful innocence
Complete by simple thoughts
Replaced by years of wisdom
Gained my poor judgments

My choice has been made
And I walk alone
With the eyes people
Burning behind my back

I did the deed
Wrong and sinful
Not much is left
Of whom I used to be

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