Night of Solitude

May 26, 2011
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Looking into the darkness
as the rain pitter-patters
down onto the ground below,
all is silent.
Save the one man heading to work,
all alone.
And so am I,
all alone,
the only one conscious in this night of solitude.
I may never return to the long slumber I wish for.
I may just drowsily watch the streets below, waiting, watching,
For something, anything,
But I know there is nothing.
Nothing here with me
To keep me company,
Nothing to satisfy my need to do, act,
Nothing here to be there for me,
I am truly all alone.

My bedroom window provides no comfort,
As I stare out through its cold,
Dark, emptiness.
Trying to sleep only makes it worse,
As my mind drifts.

Until, after all time has passed,
Light appears,
Far off, strange.
But I wait for it, and
It cumbersomely works it way up,
Up and up and up,
Until, it illuminates me.

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