You Can't Push Me Down

May 26, 2011
By IceStorm BRONZE, Wilsons, Virginia
IceStorm BRONZE, Wilsons, Virginia
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You push me down

I stand my ground

You shake me around

I push you down

You smack me back

I take my stand

You stare me down

I tell you off

You don't control me

I don't need you

I refuse to be pushed down

To be smacked around

I will shove back

I will push you down

You don't control me

I don't need you

I won't take your abuse any longer

I will break away

I refuse to fade away

I stand strong

I stand proud

You can't tear me down

No one can tear me down

Cause I stand strong and proud

I do push back

Cause I won't take the abuse any longer

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