I Wish

May 26, 2011
By Anonymous

When you smile,
This beautiful light shines,
That warms my very soul.
When you look away,
I look at you admirably,
Memorizing every detail,
As if its the last time I will ever see you.
How I wish you would hold my hand,
Stand by my side,
Protecting me from anything and everything,
Acting as my shelter, my strength.
How I wish those beautiful eyes would be staring at me affectionately,
Like I'm the only person you'll ever love.
How I wish our fingers would intertwine,
Your rugged hands enveloping mine.
How I wish you would run your fingers through my hair,
Sending chills down my neck.
How I wish you would caress my face,
Your fingers tracing my jaw,
To gently push up my chin to face you,
For a perfect kiss.
How I wish you would be swept off your feet when I walk in a room,
As if nothing were complete without me in its presence.
How I wish you feel what I feel when I think of you,
This passionate sensation deep inside my heart.
Oh, how I wish you feel the same.

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