An Escape

May 26, 2011
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I will daydream.
I will remember my daydream.

Verb: to daydream.
To momentarily forget
All that is occurring around me,
Everything that is troubling
Or painful or too much to handle.
To be able to go to any
Country, planet, or made-up world
That I can think of.
My imagination can take me anywhere.

To be in this fantasy,
Even if only for a little while,
Feels amazing. I am in control.
I can be anyone I want to be.
And do anything I want to do.
Nobody can interfere.

I wish I could escape
More often.
To just imagine
What it would be like
To be doing something
Completely different from what
I usually do.

But, fantasies cannot
Last forever. Soon enough,
I will come back to reality
And live normally. No more
Imagining an alternate world.
No more being whoever
I want to be. I must
Eventually realize the truth.

I will simply remember the noun,
The daydream.
Just one seemingly
Meaningless daydream.
It is not meaningless to me.
I will think of it
Whenever I get frustrated
Or bored
Or even tired.

This memory
Will keep me going
Long after it happened.
I will be happy whenever
I remember it, knowing
I can always go back.
All I need to do is daydream

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