May 26, 2011
By IceStorm BRONZE, Wilsons, Virginia
IceStorm BRONZE, Wilsons, Virginia
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Push bras, high heels

Anything to make 'em look

Take a double take

Tight jeans, low-cut shirts

Make 'em look, make 'em look

Keep the eyes locked on you

Make up, botox

Eyes follow

Cold showers, cold showers,

make 'em take cold showers

Oh, how you hold the power!

Everywhere you go, eyes follow

Liposuction, nose job

How plastic are you?

Fake body, fake face, fake pers-on-al-i-ty

Boys watching,

fake boobs, fake noses

Oh, how them boys love those plastic barbie dolls!

Those tree-huggers

put your funeral at a

recycling plant

Most of your body will

make a dozen or two soda

bottles. Are you happy?

You shouldn't be.

Plastic and fake as can be.

You might be uncomfortable with your body

You're not the only one

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