Three Words

May 26, 2011
By Rachelblu BRONZE, Cooper City, Florida
Rachelblu BRONZE, Cooper City, Florida
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One phone call—that’s all
It took to turn this fun fieldtrip into a nightmare.
It is strange how quickly emotions can change.
I was laughing
While I answered my phone.
Did I notice the seriousness
And urgency in his tone?
No. I was giddy and joyful
About visiting this amazing college.
Three words—who would have thought?—
Stopped my breath. It could not
Be true! But he wouldn’t lie
About this. “Shira passed away.”
He said it that bluntly.
And I was completely surprised.
She’s dead? But all my memories
Of her recall a lively, vibrant young lady.
She was only twenty-one! Sure, I knew
She had Scleroderma, but she never
Seemed sick when I saw her!
At the wedding, she was so energetic and spirited.
She was either laughing
Or dancing
Or making others laugh.
I never saw her
When she was in the hospital.
I never saw her not smiling
For that matter.

So, it’s hard for me to realize
She had such a serious disease.
I’ll always remember Shira
As I knew her: a beautiful, sweet, energetic girl.

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