Life Is Like A Farm

May 26, 2011

First you are the lamb
Innocent and dumb
Following the leader
Waiting for your time to come

Then you become a chicken
Clannish and dramatic
Ostracizing others
‘Till things get problematic

Next you are the cow
Smarter, but still bellowing
Times come and go
With old age you are mellowing

Then you are the cat
A mother or a dad
Raising your brood of young ones
Teaching them right from wrong and good from bad

After that you are the sheepdog
Loyal, friendly and true
Everybody likes you
You hold true to your views

Finally you are the horse
Retired from active duty
Waiting for your time to come
And, while you can, enjoying life’s beauty

The author's comments:
I wrote this as an English project. Enjoy!

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