The Truth Behind It All

May 26, 2011
By Gwendolyn Morilla BRONZE, San Diego, California
Gwendolyn Morilla BRONZE, San Diego, California
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What make up and a smile
Could hide so much now a days
You wouldn’t be able to tell if she‘s been crying for a while
If you could see the truth, what would you have to say?

What if what was right in front of your very own eyes
Was not the truth, it was just an illusion, a clever act?
There is something more, hidden beneath the lies
Would you try to understand and get the right facts?

It’s not a very easy thing for someone to do
It’s like a reopened wound that has just been
Filled with salt
Revealing all the hidden pain, feeling so sick,
It’s much more than the flu
No child should ever have to go through, not even an adult

What if the person who always came off as strong,
Laughs to cover up to fill in the empty happiness
All you have to do is look more closely and you’ll
See that you were wrong
You’ll realize that everyone has their breaking point,
Everyone has their weakness

As the saying goes, everything is not always what they appear to be
Like trying to open an unfamiliar lock with a ring full of keys
All you have to do is take a closer look and you will see
With just some time you might just find the right key,
The one that will unlock the mysteries.

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