A Writer's Creed

May 26, 2011
By camila1009 BRONZE, Doral, Florida
camila1009 BRONZE, Doral, Florida
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Creativity spawns from the half-blood prince as he ponders on his half-led existence

Only half seen, only half blind

Creativity spawns from myself, a being who leads a half existence unbeknownst to some

so known to others

Such young, pale cheeks lightly brushed with ballerina-slipper pink paint

A porcelain doll with a crack right on her face, I trace it with my fingertip

So old. a soul half broken wandering through the pores of this porcelain body

Seeping through a kidney, searching for its missing partner.

A soul millions of years old that does not know it.

A soul that wanders through this world who shook Jesus’ dark, calloused hands

looked him in the eye

and told him of Lucy’s true nickname

a soul that has insight into the corruption of the present day, yet lives in its own withering atmosphere

A soul that wanders and searches and peels and contains.

And knows of many times a heart’s pain.

A soul with so much ability, a soul that cannot accomplish anything at all.

Dark, humid crumbling ground under the pristine, ivory feet of a half-blood prince

Bowed down to, pushed aside

The middle ground is where we belong, the half-blood prince and I

Lucid from the amount of kisses we have both received Terrified by yet another strike across our cheeks
We are Scarface with a pristine, iridescent complexion

We are Marilyn Monroe without sex being drawn out from her cherries and snow lips onto us mere mortal’s dry, chapped mouths

Mouths without lips.

Souls that lack essence

We are a country that stemmed from Puritans and witch hunts,

We are now a nation that is being hunted

Haunted by irrelevant information

Haunted by ourselves

We run towards a bombastic, billowing time machine

Lucy, save us.


Lucy thumps through the withering weeds of a parallel universe

so far, far, far

from us

Her hunt for blood has prevailed
She seeps her thirsty fangs into fresh, living meat

Billions of hours away, in the same fields of Ethiopia, another kind of beast is readily sinking its teeth into another weak, helpless creature

The young antelope manages to break free,

her spinal cord exposed through the pools of crimson

Yet, clutching to his hunting case,

A poacher picks the antelope up and shoves her back into her caste.

Push the waves of crimson blood aside,

Find our world’s true belief

Humanity’s creed.


A writer’s creed is far more complex:

we are armed with not only a whip for self-flagellation,

but an eternal ring in each of our ears, a constant pounding in our blood,

a small beam of light that will forever extend from our brain cells towards our hands

hands that can ameliorate, ruin, or create.

We possess a certain abnormality, as do all artists, that propel us

push us to be braver than any living being,

as we cowardly hide behind our canvas, book, or song.

A miniscule arachnid will forever be crawling through our cerebral cortex

waking us up at night, pounding on hidden doors when we least expect it.

A writer’s task is never complete;

we will never cease to criticize all that is good and celebrate all that is evil

we take an oath to never halt our constant critique on mankind

we swear to never kill the black widow trapped inside our minds.

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