He Fights

May 26, 2011
A soldier is a soldier,
He stands tall before our flag,
He fights for what’s right,
He fights for his people,
He fights for us to be free,
He fights for us to live,
He fights for his family,
He fights for all the things the Red, White, Blue stand for,
He’s a solider 24/7,
To all that see him he’s just another to die fighting,
To us his family most importantly his daughter me,
I see him for how he really is,
He’s my father,
He’s my post when something sad has happened,
He’s my hope,
He’s my shoulder I need to cry on,
He’s my everything.
To everyone ells he’s just another solider how dies for a cause but to me he’s my father that lives his life to the fullest.

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