Rising Mind Falling Heart

May 26, 2011
The mind,
It is on incline in intellectuality,
but also, in human-kind,
on a decline in morality.
They follow the money,
and they're getting more creative,
as days go by, bleak be or sunny.
There is an initiative,
but hardly any truth.
It's all a rat race,
running to ace the booth,
and to watch failure adorn another's face.

Wise men are few,
And kind men are fewer still,
Women are becoming sinister and intent on ill-will,
Dropping out of a vow as if out of the blue.
The rising mind,
And the falling heart,
The world is becoming blind.
An unknown source or force hit the button "start."
What was the catalyst?
Grope your way through the mist,
But perhaps a guiding flame will bring you,
Or perhaps it is a lie, and intends to draw you askew.

What ordinance do we have to face this foe?
Apparently none but our eyes and our toes,
Because the world-populace only knows what it sees.
But they couldn't really see the forest for the trees.
The true warriors fight without the tangible,
A weapon far greater than any seen thus far;
The mind and the heart together, are, together, not damageable.
No harm possible, so dare I ask; what scar?

Even the smartest have been wrong,
Not consulting the heart with the mind;
Stifling their emotions for long,
Trapped by that; stuck in a bind.
Is that clear?
What must you fear?
In freeing your thoughts,
Allowing them to mingle with emotion,
You'll find what you've sought, easily the battles are fought.
Quite a promising notion.
Now I have a question for you;
What are you thinking?

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AJFruitninja said...
Jun. 25, 2011 at 10:27 pm
Very good use of vocabulary, and also very vivid! Very good! Check out my work?
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