The Secret Life Of A Black Widow

May 26, 2011
By poetic-megan BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
poetic-megan BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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SCENE 1 (Just Another Day On The Job):
Kathy Christian, the typical preschool teacher, got the glue sticks, markers, googly eyes, and glitter on the table as she dodged rubber balls (ones with the nice grip feature) being thrown every which way
She dressed in a nice work suit that had a matching black jacket and skirt that went well with her 2 inch heals
Kathy Christian, the typical preschool teacher, played multi-tasker as the kids play on the indoor “jungle gym” that includes a slide
All the colors of the room invaded her mind; each wall was covered with something different

The wall to the right of the whiteboard was green

To the left was a bright yellow, almost neon

Back wall was a pinkish-purple color
Finally what was once her favorite wall, which is the blue wall that contained the white board where the little Suzy wrote her name for the first time
Kathy Christian, the typical preschool teacher, who says goodbye to the loving balls of energy that are children till the next day rolls by

SCENE 2 (On The Rode Again):
“BEEP!” echoes behind her for 5 cars behind her
Kathy Christian, the typical preschool teacher, hears which breaks her daydreaming and while she still has her foot on the break on a green light
She had her favorite radio station 103.5 blaring on the radio as she finally released her foot off the break and hit the play action with the accelerator
Kathy’s mind keeps spinning as she drives down the road that goes by the forest preserve
She sees the greenest of trees
Bluest of skies, where she just wonders upon and wishes
And sunlight pushes threw her window
She focuses on the yellow and white lines on the somewhat broken black pavement

SCENE 3 (Finally Home):
Kathy Christian, the typical workingwoman, walks in to her apartment with a white living room, then enters the kitchen to get something to eat
Walking into the reddish-purple kitchen that reminds her of the vineyard her fiancé and her went to when they went to Sicily the previous summer
Kathy Christian, the typical preschool teacher, throws her shoes off and starts to work on lesson plans from the next week of school on that once comfortable couch in front of the TV and the Labrador puppy on her lap
Her brain gets so clouded as she passes by the blue room to get into her workout styled clothes, eating her spaghetti with marinara sauce.

She strides back to that room

That dreaded room
The room that brought all those memories of what could have been.
Kathy Christian, the almost wife and mother to be, she saunters to that room, opening the door all the way…

To a normal person this site would be horrific but…
To Kathy Christian, the almost mother of those kids she taught each day and wife of a greatest man alive and most importantly the hoarder…

It was reality of what was her life now…

She was the woman who lost the battle of her life to grief of…

The lost baby boy she went threw 9 months to just get and…
Being the “Black Widow” of a husband, who committed suicide…

Or so…she says!

The author's comments:
This was a poem prompt in my senior creative writing class and it took forever to think of but i really liked it

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