April 14, 2011
By Anonymous

There's this itching
And it's deep under my skin
And I don't have much on my fingertips
Ya see – I'm a chronic nail biter

But I still manage to break through
And draw a couple droplets of blood
I don't know how I do it, really
It's like some sort of insanity

I just start attacking my flesh
Ripping and tearing and clawing
Trying to make. It. Stop.
But it just won't. Go. Away.

You'd finger the pain would
Simply be all. Too. Much.
Before I got to that point
But it's like I can't feel anything else.

But the scratching doesn't suffice
And the itching only. Gets. Worse.
I drag my nails across the surface
But to no avail.

I can't. Seem to. Stop this.
My skin dry and cracked and damaged.
My nerves burning down to my bones.
My sanity slipping away.

Each temptation is a battle
And my will power always seems to lose
But if you itched like this
You'd know how maddening the drive is.

I even went to a doctor
He looked at me like I was crazy
Scratching without a source
Described as unbearable.

They ran all sorts of tests
And. They. Were. All. Negative.
Had all these hypotheses
And. They. Were. All. Wrong.

They gave me some treatments.
And. None. Of. Them. Worked.
We ran full speed ahead
Into a dead. End.

So now my doctor says
"Maybe it's all just in your head"
Well, now, that's really reassuring
Is that supposed to help me?

So because I'm itching I'm insane
And because I'm scratching I'm psychotic
So I'm just gonna bend until I break
But in the mean time…

Itch. Scratch.


May I have a straight jacket?


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