forget you

May 14, 2011
By Anonymous

forget his name, forget his face,
forget his kiss, and sweet embrace,
forget the love that once came true,
remember now, there's someone new.
forget the face, that said he once cared,
forget the love you once shared,
forget the time you spent together,
remember now he's gone forever.
forget you will cry for over a year,
forget that he is no where near,
forget how close you too once were,
remember now he's chosen her.
forget you memorized his walk
forget the way he used to talk,
forget the times he made you mad,
remember now he's happy not sad,
forget his gentle teasing way,
forget you saw him everyday,
forget he mad your dreams come true,
remember now, she loves him too.
forget the way he looked at you,
forget the times he stayed with you,
forget the way he made your dreams come true,
remember now, he doesn't love you.

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