May 26, 2011
By rayneybow BRONZE, Tacoma, Washington
rayneybow BRONZE, Tacoma, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Life isn't about how popular you are, what girl or boy you're dating, or who you know. Life is about always being true to who you are, and what you believe in. Never let anyone convince you that their way is better than your way." ~Andrew Beirsack.

I’m not a lover, but I don’t hate
Never have and never will
Sensing emotion is impossible for me
Because I may never feel

I’m nothing at all, not rude nor mean
But that’s all you people ever make me to be
I have good intentions, just open up your eyes
While nothing that I say is true, I never speak lies

I forgive and take revenge
Upon the weakest souls
Until they die and burn in hell
Powered by the strongest coals

For every death there is a murderer
There’s one for each suicide, too
It’s not them who take their own life
But me, for I torture them until they do

I’m the reason you’re too fat
Too skinny and too you
I’m the reason that they’re blind
About the obviously hidden truth

I’m the reason that you hate
I’m the reason that you’re sad
I’m the reason that they hit you
I’m why you’re abused by your Mom and Dad

You could never live without me
Although you’ll surely try
If you want to live without me
You might as well curl up and die

I’m judged and won’t get a chance
Because nobody understands
I can’t help myself for being me
You’ve made me who I am

Maybe if you weren’t so selfish
So indecent and cruel
I wouldn’t be the same
Even I don’t want to be like you

But sadly I am
I live for everyone as they do for me
I’m the reason that these bloody sights
Are the ones that you must see

Never will I apologize,
Like I said it’s all your fault
Walking late through the streets
A suspect for a brutal assault

I made you who you are
I’m why everybody hates you
I’m the reason that you’re judged
And I’m why you do exactly what you do

Pressured into love
Pressured into hate
Tormented into believing
That you’re nothing more than a mistake

Who am I?
What’s my name?
And why are you wrapped
In my deadly game?

Another day to start anew
One more lie to just prove true
In the dark I’ll whisper quietly
“Fear me, dear, for I’m Society”

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