May 26, 2011
By KarlyBlack BRONZE, Kent, Washington
KarlyBlack BRONZE, Kent, Washington
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I sit in class, my head bowed over the paper
No one notices me, like that's a shock.
I try to concentrate on my work, like a normal person.
And it's so easy to work when you're invisible.

At lunch I sit and read alone. No one sits with me, big shock.
II read my book alone, and get my work done.
I finish the reading assignment for English.
I get an A on the test for the book, it's so easy to read when you're invisible.

As I walk home from school, I see other kids walking together, and having fun.
I listen to my iPod all alone as I walk home.
Other people have fun with friends, others have a social life.
It's so easy to feel alone when you're invisible.

Once I'm home I'm on laptop for hours, I have fun online.
I play and watch and type with my online friends.
I laugh and giggle and cry with people on tumblr and twitter and youtube.
Online,with real friends, it's so hard to feel invisible.

The author's comments:
These are my thoughts, and roughly my feelings.

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