You hear it all the time

May 25, 2011
By rondarox BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
rondarox BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
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You hear it all the time.
They say 'He just lost his mother, He must be hurting'.
You hear it all the time.
They say 'Her best friend just died, She's in a lot of pain.'
In my personal experience,their wrong

When he died, I felt no pain,
I felt no hurt.
I couldn't feel anything.
There was an emptiness.
An emptiness not where my heart used to be,
but where I used to be.
I wanted to feel the pain,
I wanted to feel anything.
It's like half of me was ripped away.

And no one knew.
They knew he died.
But no one knew what his death did to me,
how much his life meant to me.

I played the part well.
I would react appropriately to each scene,
to each joke,
to each word.
I would have to remind myself
to smile,
to frown,
to laugh.
Couldn't anyone see?
Behind that laugh there was nothing

As far as I was concerned, life was colorless.
I knew what I'd become,
a lifeless shell without a core,
without substance.

Next time your hear about the pain,
think about what you're not hearing.

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