May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

anew as the first Snow’s dawn
the sparkling facets of snow are as Angel’s tears
They wept for this light, this velvet night
Light pours and splashes through the trees
over flowing, dripping down the valley
it floods over my sallow blue frame
a breath, a steady rhythm of life
I felt a tremor, a minor beat
soft as a minnow that stirs along the shore
it was unnoticed,
like the pitter patter of baby feet
then it was lucid and true as the light
toes tingling, fingers feeling
as my body quakes and tingles to turn,
transform, and transcend in the glow
I flicker and gain an amber fever
I collect and gather as blooming embers
my eyes draw back, my cheeks flush
as the dawn, I break forth
not as Hatred’s fiery fire
but as Spring’s budding gardens
and enflame the world around me

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