May 25, 2011
I am a honey bee, shunned out from the colony, and they won’t let me in, so I left the hive, they took away both my stripes, and broke off both my wings, scared and alone, I ventured out to stand on my own and find another tree, to make the wind my friend. The bees had control of my mind, and I chose not to believe that. Even though trust was violated, and lines crossed, facing the queen had to be done. He was cruel, and sick-humored. Eventually you must put your foot down, and stand up for yourself. Let your wings spread, and soar. Stop caring, and say goodbye. Sometimes goodbye is what’s best. If my soul was really old, I wonder if I could change this world. Life has given me obstacles, still I’ve had my tongue say it’s wonderful. I’m just glad I’m still around, but I’m even more glad when things are down. Life’s too short for what is in plans, so let the day take you by the hand. Get your follow facts we’ll go and burn them, I’m too old for anything... make a wish on a star at night, brightest star that’s in the sky. Only to have to realized, it was just a satellite.

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