Missed Opportunities

You’ve left me in such a silent world, the evenings come but I am restless, and my breath is as thin as the wind. Not even the mightiest god could fill the space you’ve left behind, not even when it rains. Nothing takes your place, your emptiness too great to fill…. To go back and to say yes….I have been holding my breath for too many nights in a row. Somewhere on coast lines unknown to me, you paint your dreams…. with reds and blues and greens. Yeah, you’re painting daffodils growing by the sea, without me. I would give away my sweetest memories, if I could just be with you again. Even in my dreams, I shake from the fear that you’ve been swept away… by the rhythm of the waves that whisper in your ears. Last night I dreamt you were with me, and finally I could breathe. Curse the moon so dull and bright, my heavy soul can barely stand the light. It burns me straight to the bone, my bones.

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