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One Could Do Worse

May 25, 2011
By jaznomdeplume GOLD, Modesto, California
jaznomdeplume GOLD, Modesto, California
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Good luck enjoying the infinite abyss- the garden state.

Every day I open my doors and push up to slide open my windows to see a world. I see beauty and peace, but circumferencing the unique beauty, which holds only a small preface, the ugliness overwhelms. When I look with my hazel and green eyes, plain and true I see distortion; a manipulation of what once was. I can see what once was a beautifully illuminated place and has been trashed by all of humanity. The ocean, once a romantic, unchartered an ugly polluted tramp stamp and grave yard of humanity. The once blue sky now an unfamiliar faded, ugly newspaper grey. Broken and damaged my not just us but the earth which humiliates its own self. Mother Nature now self sabotaging. One could do worse than be a cinematographer.

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