His Body Speaks to Me

May 25, 2011
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His mouth speaks lies
That his eyes can't hide
Loneliness fills his mind
As his heart cries
Caused by the hurt that built over time
That same hurt shattered the want of making him mine
His actions have volumes his voice can't speak
His actions may not change but his words stay unique
Sending me mixed signals which ones do I read
Stuck in confusion as to what he wants from me
Its love he wants to find but he can't seek
Because his mind is strong but his heart is weak
There is love in his heart and hurt in his past
Want in his mind for this to last
His broken heart is still in the cast
Under the wrappings, his heart is glass
To show him real love is my task
Unveil the real him, I have his mask
The mask was that made over these years
That same mask that helped him hide all of his tears
His mask became the cover to all of his fear
Everything isn't always as it appears
I tend to listen when other females just hear
Everything I thought he was is shattered and smeared
Because I found the mask that covered how he truly is inside
After he was revealed, I listened for that sigh
The sigh of relief for his heart to stop crying
The sigh of relief for he knows there is no more hiding
The sigh of relief for he sees there is no lying
The sigh of relief from me because I know he is trying
His body speaks to me in result of all my actions
Like these kisses filled with passion
As he looks for my reaction
His body speaks the words his mouth is lacking
It's my heart that he's hacking
Not by his words but his actions
I don't listen to his words because his body speaks to me
Yes his words are strong but his body is friendly
He can say words and they have no meaning
Look me in my eyes and try to lie to me
Your eyes will give you away in a heartbeat
I might listen to his words but in the end his body speaks to me

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