If It did not exist

May 25, 2011
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It never went away
Racism, Hate, Judgment
This is all in our system
We feed this monster everyday
However it is normal for us

We may not know our actions
But our conscience does
We just choose not to listen
The system is whack we say?
Really, it is us humans who are

This choice
To discriminate
To ignore
To despise
For what though?

Because we are all different
Your mouth
They speak of words
That show, reveal
You, I, Us, We
Are all hypocrites

We take away the innocence
To destroy one's life
Their status
Their reputation
Do you think this will benefit the future?
You talk to make yourself remarkable

Yet, your superiority has no value
The discrepancy is their ethics

I pity you
I do
Your life
It is all going to perish

For what though?
Just to feel genuine
When you know it will not last

Your soul
It is too damaged
That I believe it is
Beyond repair

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