My Race is a Disgrace

May 25, 2011
By SAMMYM BRONZE, San Diego, California
SAMMYM BRONZE, San Diego, California
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I knew this kid name Paul
He worked out so he wouldn’t feel so small
He gained muscles so he would seem tough
But this just wasn’t enough

His peers would always make fun of his race
That his skin color was something that he could not erase
Everywhere around the school
Ridiculed, embarrassed and made a fool

He wanted to hurt them and be aggressive
But deep down he was hurt and sensitive
Nobody came to help in this moment of time
Frustrated and angered, he went out to commit his first crime

It turned out to be a misunderstanding, all a mistake
Now the whites will not even give him a break
They treated him differently, not the same
His race and color were the ones to blame

The author's comments:
A response to Harper Lee's To Kill a Mocking Bird

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