Shining Moment

May 25, 2011
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The door opens
And we are told to line up.
The room, packed with people,
All with the same passion.
Each one of us, anxious
Anticipation on our faces.
Step by step
We get closer and closer
To that moment of pure glory.

As I step onto the platform
I understand what is before me.
Many legends have graced the stage before us all
And it is time to leave our mark.

The conductor lifts his hands,
The orchestra readies their bows.
I take a deep breath,
Then, magic.
Each word, each melody
Is like poetry.
My ears are hearing it,
But my mind does not comprehending the sound.
An atmosphere surrounds us
That is unreal.

As the audience claps,
And everyone bows.
This amazing opportunity comes to a close.
But, it will always remain
An everlasting memory.

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