May 25, 2011
By , Wilbraham, MA
Shattered glass tears through my heart,
Defining who we were.

Like shattered glass waiting to be collected you pieced me together,
You held the shards, the pieces of my soul.

The glass perfect, flawless, beautiful,
And then it disintegrated into worthlessness.

Each movement, each sting of emotion slicing through my skin,
Each new cut tearing, ripping, shredding my fragile heart.

I dream of what we could’ve been,
But it’s no use, the broken pieces no longer fit together.

I lost you, I lost the mirror, the perfect glass who saw me for who I truly was,
It faded away along with our memories.

My emotions strewn across a blank, desolate landscape,
And you my mirror a distant thought.

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