A Sister

May 25, 2011
By , Wilbraham, MA
You walk silently through the noisily clad hallways,
Absorbed in your own ideal world,
Those who wave at you always receive a hi back,
You never ignore even one single notion.

You smile politely at teachers you pass along the way,
Lips sealed, trapping your long held secrets about their class,
You have such grace, like a ballerina sweeping smoothly across your stage,
Then before you a young girl trips,
Her heavy load strewn across the pounding feet of stampeding students.

As she falls to her knees, tears on the brink of falling she rushes to collect her things,
You bend down gently beside her, collecting her tattered, dust covered papers,
Others would have simply stomped on.

Your friendly smile erasing the tears once staining her soft eyes,
I don’t know that you realize how your kindness of heart impacts others,
You made her feel accepted, comforted and confident with just one glance,
I’m so proud of you.

The cafeteria echoes with the tainted, deceitful gossip clinging to its barren walls,
I sit down to lunch alone waiting for you,
In the distance I see you rushing forward as though fueled by a blast of kinetic energy,
Words pour from your once silenced lips as I sit back in awe of you.

“Jess…Can I borrow a few dollars they are collecting money for cancer research? Please I promise I will pay you back!”
As though by instinct I reach deep inside my tote pulling forth a crisp, mint colored $5 dollar bill,
Your eyes light up, excitement filling your darkened pupils as you sprint forward to hand your money to the young man collecting it.

So thoughtful, so caring, so generous of heart,
You are such a mystery Ashley yet so certain of who you are and the person you wish to be,
I watch you perform simple actions such as making a small donation or helping someone in need and I realize how proud I am to call you my sister,
How proud I am to know you.

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