My Love Will Shine Forever

May 25, 2011
By Zaeja13 BRONZE, Longview, Washington
Zaeja13 BRONZE, Longview, Washington
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it is never oppisite day. If you say its oppisite day then it is not opposite day. If you say it is not opposite day then its not opposite day. So there for its never opposite day.

Up in the sky I saw
An ebony sheet above
Scattered with sparkling crystals
One gem out shined all others
It glowed and flickered like a candle
So with out stretched arms I reached for it
Closer and closer I pulled it to earth
Farther and farther from heaven
Brighter and brighter the sky became
Until I cupped the light in my own hands
Light filtered through the space between my fingers
Shining so bright that it lit up the sky
The love in my eyes was visible
Despite it was the darkest of nights
I held the light of love
So I gave the gift for you to hold
In rememberence of me
But when you are finished with my heart
Place it back among the stars
And let my love for you
Remain there, and shine for eternity

The author's comments:
my inspiration was a dream

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