Pieces of Me

May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

I fell for you that day, the day we walked the rugged, beaten trails of Acadia,
Each step full of fear I never expressed to you,
The tallest mountain looming up ahead, my world rapidly spinning as my deathly fear of heights overcame me.

We reached the top after nearly two hours of perilous climbing,
Scorching sun beat down upon us sweat pouring like tears from every pore of my being,
I looked curiosity taking hold, in an instant my balance faltered,
Breathing heavy, screams trapped in my paralyzed throat, I floated over the edge.

Tears threatened to penetrate the tight constraints of my terror filled eyes,
Then suddenly out of the darkness I felt a tight pull upon my shaking wrist,
A gentle, warm, scarred hand reaching out to stop my fall,
With two feet gripping the worn, tattered edge I stood gazing into the eyes of my protector.

No words escaped my chapped, trembling lips,
Shaking uncontrollably, a surge of electricity coursing through my veins,
I looked up at you, uncertainty replacing your once sly grin,
“Jess…its okay…your okay” you whispered to me as you held me close.

For the first time I felt safe, protected encased in your supportive arms,
I never felt real fear again until you left,
I was empty, alone, vulnerable, it was as if you’d disappeared,
In time though I found the strength to move on and I did.

Gone you may be, but I know the boy I loved is still out there somewhere,
You saved me that summer whether you know it or not,
You are destined for greatness Chris so go out and save all the innocents,
I will wait though in the hopes that one day you will save me again.

The author's comments:
This poem is about my first real crush Chris, he was a wonderful guy, who liked me for me. For the first time in my life I felt special because of him and when I lost him it was really hard. But I know that he is still out there somewhere and one day just maybe we'll find our way back to one another

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