The monster inside you

May 25, 2011
The bile known as your voice fills the air with another putrid lie.
I fight the urge to run over to you & glue your mouth shut so the acid will stop pouring out.
Your eyes like black coal dust rising from the ashes show no hint of what you’re doing.
The clear & gentle fasque is no longer working on me.
I see you.
The real you.
The disgusting monster with yellowed claws that digs into everyone’s heart.
Rips it out with a smirk on your face & a cackle escaping from your lips.
Lie after lie raining down leaving me wondering where it all comes from.
Causing me to stare at you as the devil himself comes out.
No one else sees.
But I do.
I see the horns that stick from your head as sharp as razor blades.
The horns that cut as deep as your words.
The fires spread & I stand with not even a drop of water to put them out.
The burns come one after another scarring me more & more each time.
But wounds heal & scab over.
You on the other hand will always be as ugly as the beast that hides inside you.

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