May 25, 2011
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Sitting here on this bed no where to go,
I sit, thinking of where I went wrong.
Maybe it was when I decided the world was mine for the taking.
Misguided by delusion,
Misled by my demons,
Mistreated by myself.
Yet somehow I, me, have the nerve to place my blame, My shame, on Lucy.
Maybe I'm not making myself clear,
Lucy, well she lives in,
all that is,
and of what formerly was known as we,
she's that little thing in the back of your head,
telling you it's okay,
nothing will happen,
but then it does,
and your stuck with your greedy, greasy hands in yo mommas brand new cookie jar.
Now how will you sound saying it wasn't me it was Lucy.
The by the time you confront her, she's gone like a cool, breezy wind,
but you see,
Lucy misguided you,
and she may have mislead you,
but the only one who ever mistreated you... is you.

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