May 25, 2011
By dont.breathe GOLD, Irving, Texas
dont.breathe GOLD, Irving, Texas
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In the projects, its called that cause it look like it ain't homies reping for langview and langfield. Me? I'm repping my homies.Lot of yelling mommas. screaming at their kids.Little boy black as coal wanna know what a "hype" is. Wasted.little kids acting like grown-ups mini skirts, open legs like they "don't" give a f***. Boys trying to be men when they can't take the heat. Dropouts, addicts and deadbeats. My big cuz been to jail twice. Not from hI'mself but the thugs in his life.bloods, crips, latino kings the works. People on the corner fiendin for needles and jerks.Got a park near me where all my broodies hang. There's glass on the ground, and people playing the game. we live in the so-called hood, cause all my smart neighbors left when i had should. Arabians in my corner store tonight. a battle of the races, blood spraying throughout the night. the last of the whites fled my block with glee. they couldn't risk their child being like me.

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