May 25, 2011
Heart so heavy,
Suffocating in solitude,
Loneliness cutting off all air,
Gasping to breath.
The weight of seclusion crushing your heart,
Forcing it to beat unevenly.

Shaking in the pain of the broken heart,
Cause by this state of isolation.
Dreaming of the day he finds you broken,
And takes you away from this Asylum.
Willing someone to find you, to love you.
Believing, Hoping, Praying that someone will see
Through your intricate mask you've hidden behind
For so long.
While asphyxiating in alienation.

And while crying there in despair,
The other person comes along,
Wraps you in his trembling arms and whispers,
For so long loneliness has kept me,
But when I saw you,
No longer could seclusion hold me.
I broke through.
And now you too are free,
Free from the Asylum that has broken you.

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