Lost Souls

May 25, 2011
By AmandaLee143 SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
AmandaLee143 SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I'm tired of the excuses,
Because my pity for you has gone way past ruthless.
And you wonder why I do this?
After taking advantage of my heart for so long, it's so cold.
You're yesterday's news,
Our misery is so old.
No longer will I settle for being a lost soul.
I think to our past and my mind fills with laughter.
Hoping for a happily ever after?
What a disaster.
Depending on each other's happiness was a wrong turn.
Eyes wide open, as we watch ourselves burn.
Never thought loving you would become a lesson learned.
Our love never faced reality,
always living on highs.
Weak words of love, turn to strong words of goodbyes.
I guess that's just how love dies.

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