The change in me

May 25, 2011
By shaniced BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
shaniced BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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All the time I often wonder
If I would be able to feel the thunder
Re-arrange the stars so quickly it leaves a mark
If I could see the creatures that hide behind the dark
Open closed doors and yell at what I see
What lies behind the truth wont change me
Afraid that things might come to light
The feeling things just aren't right..
Its time for me to take that flight to show I can and will do right
Its time for me to be a star cause I know I will get far
Its time you see the change in me
The change that leads to victory
I wont stop now I gave up fears, to find in me what was always there ..
To find the path I know I need not for you but just for me
To learn to live and to be free
I will not let you capture me
Into your hurt
Into your lies I can and I will survive
Wont let you get the best of me
Just try to see the change in me
The change that shows Responsibility, Maturity, and Integrity
Open your eyes and see my change
Just like the stars that I hoped to re-arrange
So quickly that it leaves a mark I wont let this change be left in the dark
one more thing before I go Another thing you need to know
I changed I changed this is true listen to me from pain i grew im not the same Shanice you knew im stronger now why cant you see
the change the change the change in me...

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