The Headless Horseman

May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

There was a nice peaceful day in Greece of numerals X,
In fact it was the Olympics of horse racing,
And the jockey’s were,
Mounting there horse,
The favorite of the racers was,
Headless Horsemen,
And his horse head hunter,
The reason he got his name is back in Greece,
If you became in second or third you would,
Get your head cut off by the,
Victor or person in first place,
And that would be the reason,
Why he got his name,
And then they were off,
Fast as can be,
The headless horsemen,
Was tied with another favorite,
Achilles III,
And then the race,
Was almost finished,
When head hunter tripped,
Over his OWN!!! Feet and they came,
In second now it came to an end,
And as they were taking, him t the gauntlet
He whispered “I will be back”,
And the gauntlet went down and,
Now he has died,
But every night he returns,
To ride his horse and,
Shriek horribly that he has,

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