My colorful existance

May 25, 2011
By Luciano Sacchetti BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Luciano Sacchetti BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Yellow yips at me,
I feel it’s hyper activeness,
I sense it’s anxious being,
I embody it’s happiness.
Yellow yawns to me,
reminding me of my duck blanket,
of mellow yellow (one of my favorite drinks)
of my yellow, mostly flawless creative writing rubrics.
Yellow yaks at me,
I smell it’s sweet lemony breath,
it’s lemonade on a hot day coolness,
it’s warm yellow sun breath.
Yellow the contradiction, like me.

Red roars at me,
I feel it’s piercing fiery anger,
I know it’s red-hot bloodlust,
I become it’s angry demon.
Red reigns over me,
surrounding me with the color of the bulls,
covering me with my favorite red tie,
veiling me in the red fire I have become so fond of.
Red reaches out to me,
I waft its ghost chili red,
I smell its warm sticky bloody nose,
I whiff it’s strawberry sweetness.
Red, drawing me into anger once more.

Black bullies me,
it is my loneliness,
it is my sense of injustice in the world,
it is me, in my room, by myself, thinking.
Black billows over me,
my warm black blanket comforts me when no one can,
my black hat hides me when I want no one to see,
my black shades hide the world when I want to be me.
Black becomes me,
I smell the reaper’s robe, ever following,
I sniff the black evil in the world,
I breathe the black formalness of a funeral.
Black, the evil in us all.

We are all filled to the brim with colors.
Look around, tons of colors, in your house, at your school,
at your work, everywhere.
Feel the colors and you will gain a sense of who you are.
Look inside your soul, you are colors.
Colors that never fail us, colors that define us,
colors are life, without color, we lose our identity.

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