May 25, 2011
By emannix BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
emannix BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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“Their” fries
Go straight to the thighs-
Make your gut thicken.
Their coke will make you croak,
After you eat the pie-
You will beg to die.
The Big Mac
Will inspire a heart attack
The nuggets
Will have you puking buckets-
After eating a Mcdouble
God you’re in trouble!
The “Big n’ Tasty”
Will make you look sick,pasty,
The fillet of fish
Will make you wish
You didn’t consume that dish
When eating a McRib
You’re gonna need a bib,
After you Super Size
You will be hospitalized,
The parfait
Will make you say
Is this real yogurt?
Ha No way.
After a McMuffin
You’ll be huffin’ and puffin’,
Eating a quarter pounder with cheese
Will have you on your knees,
The Angus Wrap
Will make you want to take a……nap or a crap
The McGriddle
Will make your bones brittle.
A sundae
And it will not be a fun day.
A McFlurry
Will kill you in a hurry
A Cinnamon Melt
Will tighten your belt
A large sweet tea,
And you will pee…strange colors.
And getting a whole meal
That will seal the deal
McDonalds is gonna kill you
For real!

The author's comments:
McDonalds is bad for you

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