The Secret Life of Lyn Scolarly

May 25, 2011
By Stefanie Mueller BRONZE, Arlington Hts, Illinois
Stefanie Mueller BRONZE, Arlington Hts, Illinois
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The yellow chalk dust dwindled in the air
As Lyn clapped her hands together after finishing the day’s math lesson
On the chalk board.
It was Friday and she had gone on her weekly lunch date
In the middle of the school day
With Chad.
It was the first enjoyably warm day in spring,
So she wore her favorite floral skirt with white wedges.
After the final bell sounded, Lyn straightened up the books, lined papers, and red apple
That sat on her desk.
She walked around the room and flipped the little blue chairs –that only the eight year olds fit into—on top of the brown, wooden desks.
Rushed, Lyn grabbed her jean jacket and Vera Bradley tote,
Locked up her classroom,
And left the building with excitement in her eyes.

Lyn Scolarly stepped into the sun and popped on her Ray Ban Sunglasses.
She found her car in the lot and tossed her tote into the back seat before she got in.
It landed next to the gift she bought for her boyfriend.
It was their one-year anniversary.
As she pulled out and headed home, she rolled down the window
And hung her arm out the window, soaking up some rays.
Lyn zoomed by the green trees and admired the blue sky.
Lyn changed the radio to 99.5—Today’s Country Station
And waved to neighbors as she neared her two bedroom condo.

Lyn unlocked her front door, took only a few steps before bending down to take off her wedges and retrieve her cell phone.
She dialed up her boyfriend to ask him again what time she should be expecting 0him.
He had a whole night planned
and it had Lyn giddy and extremely smiley.
Later in the evening, Lyn touched up her red lipstick in the mirror—DING DONG—
She rushed to the front door
She pulled it open
She wrapped her arms around Scott.
Scott the real estate agent.
Scott who she had been seeing for a year.
Scott—not Chad…

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