Chasing A Shadow

May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

The fresh air of the night blew a slight breeze through the open window
As Wendy, Michael, and John were tucked away,
Under their quilts, they stay
As a shadow blocked the night sky,
The stars dimmed and Peter Pan flies
Through the boxed opening in the wall
Tackling his look-alike
On the ground they fall
Worried about waking the kids, Peter looks up
But with his good luck, no one woke up

I wish I could just go off on my own for a while
Without Peter Pan holding my hand
He could go without me for a day or two
Alone in the sky, oh so blue
But as I look at the clock, it’s almost time to go home
Peter has me now
I have no free time to roam
Peter soaps me to his feet, another time
I will never have a chance to have a life that’s just mine

The clock hits midnight, it’s time to go
Sneaking out quietly, out the window
And with a happy thought Peter takes to the sky
Second star to the right and straight on till morning
He’ll fly

The author's comments:
A piece about my favorite Disney Movie

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