True love story

May 25, 2011
I love you today
You loved her tomorrow
She loves you now
But who will be with you forever
I need you now
You need her never
She needs you little
And WE need each other
I dream about you
You think about her
She dreams about someone else
We dream about each other
She kisses you
You try to avoid it but in the end….
You are with her
I try talking to you
You start to turn red
She walks by and pulls you away
You say stop but she keeps pulling
I grab you and she says let go and I say no
You say stop and I say sorry
She says you better be and you said to me
You don’t need to stop
You told her to let go
She ran away after you said we’re through
I smiled
We laughed
We walked
We talked
We dreamed
We kissed

And WE were truly in love

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