Alcoholics Anonymous

May 25, 2011
By BeautifulGarbage BRONZE, Plymouth, Minnesota
BeautifulGarbage BRONZE, Plymouth, Minnesota
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Lights flicker, I hold my liquor
Your lip quivers and i wonder how much f***ing damage i have done to my liver
Twister of questions and concerns
Faded, confused, jaded and wondering who drank all my booze
Now maybe it was me; who are you to disagree?
Carved into my bones, hold the fear of the unknown
Dark day blurs my way
I try to look ahead but I’m already dead
Kill the child, it was the wrong number I dialed
They like you cuz you make them look good
Keep making the same mistakes they would, if they could
Take the pressure away and drink the chardonnay
By the gallon
I have fallen
30,000 feet
Gotta catch that flight so I can reach that height and, for once, be in control of my own damn life.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece after I attended my first AA meeting. Everyone was on edge because they wanted a drink, no one was organized, it wasn't a healthy place for an addict to try and recover. This poem shows my anger and frustration with the AA community.

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