Superman Loses

May 25, 2011
Every young girl's day dream
to be saved by Prince Charming
or swept up by Superman.
To be caught when falling
and held protectivly in their arms.

But I know a girl who spats at those dreams.
Who scowls at weakness,
she'll stand on her own
and knock out the compitition.

My luck's never been fine
for she's the one I love
and it only gets worse when she loves me back.
When she goes to fight and live,
I follow.
Some may call it loyalty,
I call it selfishness.

My world only holds her and me
but that changes on that day,
now I'm completely alone.

Always reminded by the ring on my chain,
who will love me now?
I am no hero.
There is no such thing as
a selfish hero.

Is it too late to say sorry?
Are you too far gone?
I wasn't the best
but neither were you.

The whispers of nothing
still linger in my head.
Are they still in yours?
The stream of memories keep me up
and sleep is far too dangerous
for I'll know you'll say those three words.

We can fight,
as long as it's your voice I hear.
If we meet again
look past my looks and words.

I'll always be lying,
just look beyond,
always look beyond.
And we'll have our twisted happy ending.

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OfTheUnknown said...
Jul. 19, 2011 at 3:55 pm

Part 1 of 2nd Place Prize for OfTheUnkown's Short Story Contest:


This is really good. I have one question. Are you a boy or a girl? The way the poem is written it sounds like you are a boy but your entry in my contest AND your name makes it sounds like your a girl. ???

TrinityChaos6 replied...
Jul. 19, 2011 at 5:06 pm
Ha, I'm a girl. It's just that for short pieces I like to keep the narrator kind of genderless and vague. It's sort of a habit of mine.
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